For Companies

Are you looking for engaging entertainment for a seminar, Christmas party or recreation day?

Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble offers three different packages for business events. It is also possible to tailor a package for your specific needs.

1,5 h workshop with one instructor.

During this workshop the group will strengthen their team spirit in a new way and take their first steps into the world of improvisation and live composition through the live composition sign language soundpainting. The group will be lead by Sonja Korkman, the live composer of Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble. None of the exercises requires previous experience.

MM Sonja Korkman an experienced educator and has previously taught at the Sibelius-Academy, music schools, Fiskars Oy, Folkhälsan and other companies, schools and kindergartens among other organisations.

3×10-15min concert.
3-9 musicians from Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble and one live composer.

This package sprinkles interesting and inspiring entertainment throughout the whole evening. The first part can for example take place in conjunction with the welcoming toast, the second part when dinner is finished and the third part after the dessert. Each set can have it’s own theme, which can be tailored to fit your event.

Here are some examples of themes and a suggestion for the order of the sets:
The first set is related to the cause of the occasion. If it is a Christmas party, HSE will create new Christmas songs live based on known texts or rearrange known Christmas melodies using soundpainting.

During the second set, the performers will dive into the core of live composition by creating new music then and there, while performing it. By showing a new side of their repertoire they also offer new topics for the table discussions.

The third set is interactive. While playing, the performers will turn the whole room into a big soundpainting orchestra by teaching the audience a few soundpainting signs that the audience can interpret using body percussions and by playing available items.

Engage – A Complete Evening Package
1,5 h workshop, 3-4 workshop instructors.
45 min concert, 7-10 performers.

In this package Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble will take care of your group from the beginning to the end of the event. It’s an adventurous evening consisting of several elements. The event starts of with a 1,5 h workshop during which the participants will strengthen their team spirit in a new way, take their first steps into the world of improvisation and live composition and write lyrics based on the theme of the event or the field in which the company works. After the workshop, the participants are offered dinner or refreshments. Once dinner is finished, they get to enjoy a musical interpretation of some of the lyrics they wrote performed by Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble, other parts of HSE’s repertoire as well as to use their newly gained skills in the soundpainting language.

It is also possible to order only a concert or only a workshop.

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