Great news, friends!

Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble’s first album was recorded during the steamy hot summer of 2015 in Helsinki city.

HSE had the priviledge of using Helsinki Music Hall’s studio for a whole week of sessions. Recording days were spent in a very inspired atmosphere and the experience of improvising as a group for many days, in studio conditions, was a wonderful one!

Long, fun days.

Album was recorded and will be mixed by Jaakko Kulomaa and the release date will land on the beginning side of year 2016. Mastering is also in good hands.

The ensemble is now finalising the album with the sound engineering and mastering team. Many exciting things to look forward to.

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned!


Two of the three ensemble’s vocalists, Teea and Amanda, on a break.


Leader of the pack, Sonja, waving. Everyone having a break in the big session room of Music Hall’s beautiful studio.

hse_studio _o_IMG_2152

Oskari the drummer enjoying his own session room. Also on a break. Also waving.